Shoe Repair is Easy

Shoe Repair is Easy

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The first thing you could try is to find some heavy industrial fabric and have your mom sew it over the hole or worn down spot in your shoe. Or you could do it yourself, but I don't know how to sew, and chances are good that you don't either. Most skateboarders don't.

If sewing doesn't sound good to you, then find yourself some duct tape and get to taping! This will cover the hole in your shoe and also prevent the hole from getting worse. Duct tape is relatively cheap, and easy to use. Much easier than sewing. Something worth noting is that duct tape comes in different colors nowadays. If you have a black shoe, then cover it with black tape. And you're done! Just like new.

If you don't like tape and you don't want your mom to sew your skate shoes back together, then it might be time to look into buying some shoe goo. Shoe goo is great because it can be used anywhere on your shoe that needs repairing. It works best for gluing the sole back to the fabric, but it also works well for gluing fabric to other parts of the shoe.

You may even want to pick up a strip of leather and use shoe goo to glue it over the hole in your shoe. This will keep your shoe lasting Schuhreparatur München longer, and will help prevent future tears in the same area.

That's about it for shoe repair. Other industrial glues will work too, but shoe goo is the only glue specifically made to repair shoes.

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